Georgia Ximenes Lifsher is a writer, actor and burlesque dancer based in New York City. Growing up with a Jewish/American father and a Brazilian mother, Georgia draws from her life experiences to tell female-centered stories that explore identity, belonging and the darker corners of the female psyche. Her original one-hour pilot, “DOM,” has received many accolades, including Top 100 in the Launch Pad Pilot Competition, as well as being a semi-finalist in the WeScreenplay TV Lab. As an actor, some of Georgia's favorite credits include the feature film “Hustlers” and HBO's “Boardwalk Empire.” As a burlesque dancer, Georgia performs under the name Corvette Le Face and is a staple in the New York nightlife community, as well as strutting the stage in Las Vegas, New Orleans and Paris.


"The Tropico Sisters" (TV series)

After a Latina dancing sister act is separated by a powerful film studio, who only views one sister as light enough to "pass," fraternal twins Anita and Marcela are forced to navigate the wilderness of 1960’s Los Angeles alone. One in the legitimate (though fading) Hollywood system, the other in the dark, feral world of burlesque.


HerArts, 2023 - Spring edition