We Announces Spring 2024 selection of Participants

We Announce Spring 2024 selection of Participants

We’re delighted to unveil the selection of participants of the HerArts Film Lab’s Spring 2024 edition! Ten talented writers and directors from Europe and North America will take part in our intense week-long residency in Paestum, Italy, running from April 29 to May 5, 2024. They will work on developing their feature film and TV series projects with the guidance and support of our wonderful mentors: Teresa Cavina (Italy), Helena Medina (UK/Spain) and Eliza Subotowicz (Poland).

KAIRA AKITA, Lady of Leisure (TV series), USA

IRYNA ASONOVA, Homeless Unicorns (feature film), Ukraine

LILA DUPREE, Kill Me Now (TV series), USA

MEG FAVREAU, Tony Robbins Is Dead (feature film), USA

ILARIA FRAVOLINI, And That's Why I Killed You (feature film), Italy

BRIGITTE GAUTHIER, Unusual Suspects (TV series), France

SUZANNE GRIFFIN, Brooklyn Gothic, (TV series), USA

KAROLINA KŁAPKOWSKA, Let It Burn (feature film), Poland

LAURA KULIK, The Girl in the Woods, (feature film), USA

TEA VATSADZE, Gravity, (feature film), Georgia

See you soon in Paestum!

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