Milena Krmek is a freelance creative producer based in Berlin, since 2022 working at the production company Turbokultur. She completed her studies in ethnology with a focus on visual anthropology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich in 2014 and then worked in various positions in the film industry. In 2018, she completed her Master's degree in Arts and Media Management at the Free University in Berlin. Afterwards, Milena worked as an organizational developer at UFA to set new impulses. She also worked as a production manager and producer for an Israeli docudrama. Lately, she received a governmental scholarship for “Green Producing.”


"Spirit Divine" (feature film)

A young conventional doctor experiences an existential crisis while visiting her father at a radical, esoteric resort in Andalusia, which teaches men how to cry.


HerArts, 2023 - Spring edition