Tash Alex is a comedy writer, performer and motivational coach. Having performed as a stand-up comic and taken part in comedy reality shows with Rio Ferdinand and Rosie Jones, on separate occasions, she decided to embrace her love for writing and performing in her own work. For the last 3 years, Tash has been co-writing a comedy pilot "Junior" which is now being prepared for a pitch package through Roger Carey Associates. "Coach" is a comedy series and her first solo project which has been inspired by her own life running her charity Head Held High, supporting young people at risk of exclusion/youth crime.


COACH (TV series)

Izzy, an unfiltered, perimenopausal, co-dependent motivational coach is determined to save angry teenagers from killing one another, while battling with abandonment, too much facial hair and a broken heart.


HerArts, 2023 - Spring edition