Jasmin Hillary is an African American writer-director creating a science fiction south. After working in documentary production for 3 years in Washington D.C., she decided to return to her narrative roots and now leads that work under her own production banner Day Job Productions. She is currently working on a slate of short narrative and short documentary projects in the southern United States as a writer, producer, and director with a day job. Her work focuses on themes of self-creation, cultural mythologies, and the hidden history and uncertain future of the south. She has completed scripts for both film and television in her portfolio and has worked as a production coordinator and script doctor for two web series. Her day job is in advertising.


“Prism” (series)

Science fiction collides with supernatural southern mythology in this slice-of-life hour-long anthology about a small town rebuilding itself after a natural disaster. Welcome to Indigo Fields, South Carolina where superstitions are recognized as prophecy, history repeats itself, and where monsters and saviors lurk in the swamp.


HerArts, 2022 II edition