Gaia Kim Bartolini is an Italian screenwriter who has worked between Canada and USA since 2007, when she graduated from the New York Film Academy in New York. She traveled to the USA after she obtained a degree in Medieval History from the University of Pisa. Then she moved to Toronto where she collaborated with the CBC and was involved in the realization of MURDOCH MYSTERIES (seasons 8 and 9 with 12 episodes each). In 2015, Gaia signed a contract with Marvel Entertainment, and she collaborates on the editing of some books based on the comics. Since 2017, she is a co-host of Devil’s in the Details, a podcast that analyzes different aspects of the horror genre. In 2020, she also became a co-host of Korean Queer movies, the first season of a podcast about the development of the queer thematics and genre in Korean movies. In Italy she forged a strong partnership with writer and director Emanuela Mascherini.


“When I Write to You It's Like a Prayer” (feature film)

The truth of a whole existence it's not in the things we say but it's hidden between the lines of the words we leave behind.


HerArts, 2022 II edition