Chair of the Writers Guild of Ireland since 2020, Jennifer Davidson writes for Ireland’s national soap opera, FAIR CITY, having been a core member of the writing team since 2012. She also has a number of original series and feature films in development. Jennifer is an experienced screenwriter with a background in documentary production and development. Having spent almost twenty years working for a number of Ireland’s top independent production companies, securing commissions for a wide range of programmes, her years spent encouraging other people to have their stories told on screen informs her work as a writer. A fierce advocate for Irish writers, through her work with the Writers Guild, she has originated and run a wide number of training and development initiatives for new writers.


“The Last Summer” (feature film)

In the rare stifling heat of a west of Ireland summer in the 1990s, 17-year-old Cora can’t wait to escape. But when a group of teens from Portadown arrive, escaping the troubles in the North, her life is turned completely upside down.


HerArts, 2022 II edition