The Idea Behind HerArts Film Lab

The Idea Behind HerArts Film Lab

The mission of HerArts Film Lab is to nurture and develop female talent. It’s conceived as a comfortable space for women writers to workshop their scripts and to feel that their stories matter.


As participants of the Lab you’ll be able to get constructive and actionable feedback on your work. You’ll explore your characters and the worlds they inhabit, making sure you know them well before going further with your writing. You’ll deepen your understanding of story structure and brainstorm ideas on how to best use it for the kind of story you want to tell. You’ll also get professional advice on your project from people with experience in the film industry, benefitting from international exposure and connecting with the greater community of filmmakers.


The Lab is structured around daily group and individual meetings with our brilliant mentors –Gabriele and Teresa – who will guide you in your work on the script or treatment, and moderate group discussions. In the evening, we will organize extra activities: film screenings, case studies, informal discussions on cinema, writing and storytelling. There will also be time dedicated to individual writing and thinking. After brainstorming ideas and sharing experiences this will be the time to sit down and write, so that you come out with a fresh new treatment at the end of the Lab.


The Lab isn’t a new idea, we were already planning it before the pandemic hit Europe, but now it seems more necessary than ever. After two years of living in isolation and uncertainty, you’ll be able to take a deep breath, put your everyday worries aside and focus on creative work among kindred spirits – filmmakers hailing from all over the world – real people, not avatars locked into a grid on your computer screen!


Azienda Seliano in Paestum is the perfect place for that. You’ll have a chance to welcome spring amid the sunny and colorful landscape of Southern Italy, surrounded by nature, history and good company; take a stroll around the Paestum temples; let the sea caress your feet on the beach; feel the sun on your skin as you sip espresso in the garden; taste and savor local food specialties. We’ll make sure you’re well taken care of and come out refreshed and energized, so you can thrive creatively.

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